SparePower Mailer | November 2019

Part NumberDescriptionModel
15147470RadiatorL150G, L180G, L220G, L250G
11110637 Radiator L150E/F, 180E/F, L220E/F
11127679Motor; StarterA25E, A30D/E, A25D, A40D, L150E, L180E, L220E, EC330, EC360, EC460
11116529Motor; FanA25D/E/F, A30D/E/F, A35D/E, A40D/E/F, A35F
11707970Hydraulic; PumpA40D, A35D
15068638 or 15020639Hydraulic; PumpL150F, L180F
15020636Final Drive; Center portionA35F/G, A40F/G
8172898Drive Gear SetA40E/F/G, A35F/G
20508640Crown Wheel & PinionA35E/F/G
11102466Crown Wheel & PinionL220E/F/G
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